JDrama Review: Ganges Gawa de Butterfly


Starring Nagasawa Masami and the almighty Tsukamoto Takashi. So, I just watched this because of Tsukamoto Takashi, or more fondly called takaC, and I have no more reasons. If you know, I really hate Nagasawa Masami. Maybe not hate, but I really don’t like her. She keeps on getting Yamapi as partner. Hahahahahaha. I’m not bitter. I’m just not a fan of her acting. I think she acts childishly and I think that she’s exaggerated. I dunno, but that’s my opinion about her. XD So forgive me if I tell you that takaC is good because I am biased because everything takaC appears in is good. I mean, just look at him! He may not be the hottest in town and he may not be a bachelor, but still, I love his acting and that’s why I liked him, for his acting. The looks and the pouty lips are just a bonus. XP

So this is what it’s all about. XD Teruko (Nagasawa Masami) embarks on a trip to India. She was inspired by her brother who travels and she wants to prove something. She meets Shingo (Tsukamoto Takashi) in India, a fellow backpacker. Shingo is a photographer and he helps Teruko in India since you know, India is not the best tourist spot ever. But then, Shingo is actually a.. (SPOILER ALERT) Continue at your own risk. ..swindler. He took Teruko’s bag and left her in the train station. On the search for Shingo, she meets a lot of people – kind people and realizes that life is good. Blahblah. In the end, she reaches her goal, to butterfly swim in the Ganges River, hence the title. 😀

Thoughts about this tanpatsu. Uhm, I think it is good. XD It’s just that, scenes shot in India are really dark. I mean, really dark while shots in Japan are normal. They could have made the scenes brighter.

That’s all. XD Well, the plot may not be that common, but the morals and lessons it implies are very common. To find oneself and that if you believe in yourself, you can do what you want to do. Those sortof stuff. I watched it last Christmas so sorry for the not-so-good review. I guess this can help a little. 😀

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