JDrama Review: Attention Please (2007 SP)


Now that Yoko, played by Ueto Aya, is now a Cabin Attendant, she begins her training for international flights. As part of her training, she goes to Honolulu, Hawaii. XD

This is the 1st TV Special of Attention Please. How come I wasn’t able to watch the first few episodes of Attention Please but I have watched the SP? Simple answer. Nishikido Ryo. XP But I was dissapointed with this SP in terms of Ryo’s airtime. He almost didn’t appear! I mean I appreciated that Ryo made an appearance but I watch Attention Please for Ryo! Ohwell. At least I was still able to see him. XP

Even though Yoko’s already a Cabin Attendant, her unique personality didn’t went to the drain. She’s still persistent and frank and all that. 😀

I was shocked to see Harada Natsuki here. Hahahahahahahahaha. 🙂 She played Ayumi-chan in Honey and Clover and Nanba-senpai’s ex-girlfriend in Hana Kimi. And she was really tanned here! I was shocked. But of course, the tan was fake. XD

The cast didn’t change, and that’s a good thing since there are some that change actors. Aibu Saki and her usual childish self. Why can’t she get other roles? I think she’s typecasted as that.

Anyway, my review is going nowhere. 🙂 So I’ll just end it here. XD In the end, I enjoyed the last part since that’s where Ryo came in. But I hate it that their love story didn’t improve a bit!

Note: I have watched this a long time ago. Like early last year, I think.  XDDD So sorry for the short and senseless review. I am planning to make reviews for everything I’ve watched. 🙂


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