hana niΒ nare

Flumpool’s Hana ni Nare has been on loop since, like, forever? XD Everytime I listen to flumpool, it just calms my soul. It helps me concentrate and all that. I guess, my ears really like Ryuuta’s voice. XD And I think Hana ni Nare is my favorite flumpool song. I really love the arrangement and those violins at the beginning and at the end. And as I said, Ryuuta’s voice. I feel like I’m drawn into him everytime I hear his voice. And I personally think, he can be a cool vampire. XD I mean, like he can portray those vampire roles really well. I really don’t know why I thought of that a long time ago but it’s just that. XP So, flumpool rocks my socks! XD

Spring 2009

i’m getting less views since i haven’t posted anything worthy to read. i feel so lazy. and i feel so pressured doing our paper. if it haven’t been for that paper i would have finished watching dramas. (oh, an excuse. XP)

but but, i missed out on new drama releases and who’s subbing which ever since i became busy and ever since i went to malaysia and singapore. so now, i’m coping up.

on my to-watch list would be: (but, i haven;t finished the dramas of the past seasonssssssssss and here i am planning to watch new ones. sigh.)

  • Meitantei no Okite for some Shota goodness.
  • Atashinchi no Danshi for some Mukai perhaps? or just plain comedy. i think it’s a comedy and it really irks me that Maki always gets the pretty boys. XP
  • Konkatsu for Ueto Aya. I’ve never been a fan but maybe I’ll try it. Haven’t watched her dramas for the few past seasons since as I said, I’m not a fan.
  • Ghost Friends but this is just maybe. For some Nissy but maybe even Nissy can’t get me to watch this.
  • Majo Saiban for some Toma goodness.
  • Hyoryu Net Cafe if someone will sub it. I might watch it for light watching.
  • Maybe, BOSS? But I see no ikemen so uh-uh. No motivation.
  • Maybe LOVE GAME.
  • Godhand Teru for some Hiraoka Yuta.
  • Mr. Brain for MizuHiro even though I have to see KimuTaku. I don’t want to watch KimuTaku dramas as of now because i might see what’s so good with him and be addicted to him and you know what will happen. sigh. I don’t want to have more fandoms. Not now. XP
  • The Quiz Show for Yoko Yu!

Well, I think that’s all. That much?? But I think I will drop almost all of them soon. XP Or I’ll not be waiting for each episode and download them like in Mei-chan. Maybe I’ll watch them soon, but not now. XP

matsuda shota in a fedora is pure win <3

well, i suddenly remembered matsuda shota and how come i haven’t finished episode 1 of love shuffle. i feel guilty not paying him some attention and giving him some love. so i went to his dramawiki page and and and. i saw meitantei no okite. my mind went “i heard this drama before but i didn’t know it was shota! might as well click it”. and it was the end of the world. kidding. XD

seeing shota in a fedora just make me SWOON. i mean, who in their right minds won’t love shota after seeing that pic. XP i have this certain feeling every time i see shota. it started from hana yori. i don;t know but it is the cool feeling. i mean, everytime i see shota, i always think that he is so cool. must be with the eyes and the gaze, i bet. but but but still, i dunno and i don’t understand too much what is really with shota. i know he’s handsome and all that but he just exudes appeal and all that and that’s why i am like this.

i never imagined flailing after seeing shota in a fedora will result to a post this long. :)))) i was only planning to tell you guys that but i ended up like this.

ohwell. ja! and meitantei no okite already showed last apr 17. are there subs yet? imma go stalking and researching now. and, my paper will be finished soon. so i hope i’ll get cleared soon and i will enrol soon. and i can watch more dramas and movies and pvs and download things and whatever fangirl chores i need to do without thinking of some requirements. XP Β here’s the link to the pic:Β http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Image:Meitantei-no-Okite-banner.jpg

Film Review: About Love (2005)

I made this draft a long time ago. But only the title so I will be forced to make a post about it. XD

I watched this movie, uhm, rather not continuously. As I was a fan of Tsukamoto Takashi, I watched the third part, which is rather poignant and heart-breaking some time ago, the day before my College Entrance Exams that was like August last year. What a good way to review for the exams. And it made my heart ache everywhere. I just can’t, you know, just don’t feel the sadness and whatever after watching. But I super liked it. I tend to like all dramas and movies whit those sad endings. :p

I had the time to download this movie when I was on my Oh-I’m-addicted-to-KMovies-and-JMovies moment this year. But I wasn’t able to watch it right after. I waited for my roommates to come watch it with me but I ended up watching it alone during my lunch breaks. One part of the movie per lunch break. XD

Part 1. Tokyo. An aspiring Taiwanese (I think, can’t remember already.) cartoonist in Japan meets this Japanese painter and likes her. This story is just plain sweet. XD It tackles the first part of a relationship, liking and meeting each other. πŸ˜€

Part 2. Taipei. Uhm, this was the funniest. Since the guy is Japanese and the girl is Chinese, they can’t understand each other. The girl is suffering from a break-up and well you know, here comes Japanese guy.

Part 3. Shanghai. Can you just research it on your own? Cause it hurts everytime I remember the story. But, fiiine. A Japanese guy comes to Shanghai to study. The daughter of his landlay falls in love with him. Aaaaw, I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll have tears flowing from my eyes soon.

XP When I watched it this year, I didn’t watched Part 3 again because I’m afraid my heart will be in a rollercoaster after that. So, over-all impression: The movie was good. Well, I think this movie is made to give good directors a chance to showcase their talents. And I somehow smell some indie-movie vibe here and I personally believe that the quality indie movies give and the feel they radiate are simply better than commercial movies.

Although the three mini-movies were different movies, they somehow connect to each other and the stories flow easily to the next even though they weren’t necessarily connected. And I was surprised to see Tsukamoto Takashi in the first part since I thought he just starred in the third part.

So uhm, that’s all. πŸ˜€ Sorry for the bias and the uhm, sidestories. I can’t seem to make a good review free of sidestories and rants and whatnots.


i am too lazy to post anything. hahahahahahaha (lmao) but i finished downloading ganbatte ikimasshoi so all left is to watch it. but but but, even though i’ve finished downloading all 10 episodes, i can’t watch it fully. not that i can’t but i won’t. i only watch parts with junno in it. xp i also like ryo but ryo’s parts are too many and i guess i like junno more or i just miss him. xp

so now, i am downloading hanayome to papa since junno’s there. and not just some supporting whatever, but he’s the partner of the lead girl which happens to be ishihara satomi. i super like her there. she’s so funny, cute and pretty. :))

and what i like about hana to papa is that it gives many enough kyaakyaa scenes that make you giddy and mushy and cheesy from your cranium to your phalanges. xp i mean, they like each other from the start already and they are dating. so my lovelorn heart is very satisfied. xp and i just watch parts with junno, again. heehee. πŸ˜€ but since he’s a main character, i almost have watched the whole episode. xp

anyway, that’s all. XD ja!


I won’t be able to post for a week because I’ll be going to Malaysia and Singapore! With my family, of course. It would be the highlight of my vacation! After all that stress this summer from doing those papers needed for clearance. I barely slept for the past days. Well, it’s also my fault since I am cramming and I procrastinated before. But still, sleeping at 4AM in the morning doing school stuff even though school is done and I already graduated from high school. Arv’it, that clearance. XD Ohwell. The papers and requirements are not done yet but I’ll leave it to my groupmates. I’ve done so much already so I’ll let them do it, for now. But if the paper is not yet done by the time I go back, I have no choice but to be a person with no life — in front of the computer the whole day typing gene sequences and analyzing them.

So, I think that’s all I have to say. XD Downloading Ganbatte Ikimasshoi. I thought Ryo and Junno are there. But as usual, Ryo gets short screen time. And Suzuki Anne really irritates me. And I thought Junno is a main character but I was wrong. It seems that he’s just a guest, ne? Argh. Wasting hard drive space. But, it’s Ryo so I think I can allow it. XP


I thought Junno was just a guest because Ep4 was beside his name in DramaWiki’s article about Ganbatte Ikimasshoi. How foolish of me. He replaced Uchiiiii. Now I know. XP So yey for more Junno although Uchi is good-looking too. πŸ™‚


Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I didn’t forget! Congratulations to me! XDD

So, that’s all! More dramas Hiro! XDD And more photobooks, puh-leaaaase. XP

**I just noticed that the date of this post was April 12. But Hiro’s birthday is on April 13. I guess that’s GMT for you. +8 hours since I’m in the Philippines. Ohwell. (edited on May 14, 2009)

I didn’t forget!

Well, I almost forgot about it yesterday because I didn’t go online. And my phone was dead and I haven’t charged it so the alarm in my calendar didn’t ring. But fellow fangirls reminded me that it was Yamapi’s birthday yesterday. But I was celebrating too much yesterday that I forgot posting about it in here. So,


I watched Code Blue last night to celebrate your birthday. XDD I think you must have a drama by now. Your last one was the Code Blue SP that I am still downloading. See, I am downloading your drama Yamapi. XDDD Anyway, ja!

JDrama Review: Ganges Gawa de Butterfly


Starring Nagasawa Masami and the almighty Tsukamoto Takashi. So, I just watched this because of Tsukamoto Takashi, or more fondly called takaC, and I have no more reasons. If you know, I really hate Nagasawa Masami. Maybe not hate, but I really don’t like her. She keeps on getting Yamapi as partner. Hahahahahaha. I’m not bitter. I’m just not a fan of her acting. I think she acts childishly and I think that she’s exaggerated. I dunno, but that’s my opinion about her. XD So forgive me if I tell you that takaC is good because I am biased because everything takaC appears in is good. I mean, just look at him! He may not be the hottest in town and he may not be a bachelor, but still, I love his acting and that’s why I liked him, for his acting. The looks and the pouty lips are just a bonus. XP

So this is what it’s all about. XD Teruko (Nagasawa Masami) embarks on a trip to India. She was inspired by her brother who travels and she wants to prove something. She meets Shingo (Tsukamoto Takashi) in India, a fellow backpacker. Shingo is a photographer and he helps Teruko in India since you know, India is not the best tourist spot ever. But then, Shingo is actually a.. (SPOILER ALERT) Continue at your own risk. Continue reading →

JDrama Review: Attention Please (2007 SP)


Now that Yoko, played by Ueto Aya, is now a Cabin Attendant, she begins her training for international flights. As part of her training, she goes to Honolulu, Hawaii. XD

This is the 1st TV Special of Attention Please. How come I wasn’t able to watch the first few episodes of Attention Please but I have watched the SP? Simple answer. Nishikido Ryo. XP But I was dissapointed with this SP in terms of Ryo’s airtime. He almost didn’t appear! I mean I appreciated that Ryo made an appearance but I watch Attention Please for Ryo! Ohwell. At least I was still able to see him. XP

Even though Yoko’s already a Cabin Attendant, her unique personality didn’t went to the drain. She’s still persistent and frank and all that. πŸ˜€

I was shocked to see Harada Natsuki here. Hahahahahahahahaha. πŸ™‚ She played Ayumi-chan in Honey and Clover and Nanba-senpai’s ex-girlfriend in Hana Kimi. And she was really tanned here! I was shocked. But of course, the tan was fake. XD

The cast didn’t change, and that’s a good thing since there are some that change actors. Aibu Saki and her usual childish self. Why can’t she get other roles? I think she’s typecasted as that.

Anyway, my review is going nowhere. πŸ™‚ So I’ll just end it here. XD In the end, I enjoyed the last part since that’s where Ryo came in. But I hate it that their love story didn’t improve a bit!

Note: I have watched this a long time ago. Like early last year, I think.Β  XDDD So sorry for the short and senseless review. I am planning to make reviews for everything I’ve watched. πŸ™‚