just some updates. :)

I’m currently watching Densha Otoko. I picked up from where I stopped the last time I watched it which was like, last year. XDD Currently on Episode 4 and well, I feel sleepy so will continue it later. Just dropped by to post. 😀

It will be my batch’s Baccalaureate Mass tomorrow and on the day after tomorrow, it will be my HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION! 😀 And the day after my graduation will be our Grad Ball. XD So maybe I can’t post something again. But if you think that I’ll be free after the Grad Ball, nu-uh, you’re wrong. I will be coming to school to finish my clearance. I still have lots of things to return and to do to be able to be cleared. So, fangirling and watching dramas will be postponed until I finish everything. And I’ll be in Singapore from April 19 to April 25 for a vacation. Yeah!

I really need to start my downloads soon. I haven’t finished downloading Voice Ep 6 while the raw for Ep 11 was already out. Aaaaacck. Anyway, ja mata!


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