Top Searches

So I was curious on what search keywords would lead to my almost dead blog. And here are the top searches and the views it garnered. 😀

Search Terms for all days ending 2009-03-28 (Summarized)

All Time

Search – Views

ashley leggat 1,073

michael seater 954

ikuta toma 874

masaki okada 120

mukai osamu 93

toma 76

matsuda shota 44

okada masaki 40

michael seater and ashley leggat 29

ashley legget 29

ashley leggat and michael seater 28

kanata hongo 27

osamu mukai 25

sekime 23

hanazakari no kimitachi e 19

toma ikuta 18

attack all around 14

ikuta+toma 13

dasey 13

aaa attack all around 13

japanese actors 11

ikuta 10

do re mi fa so la ti do ost 9

jeong ui-cheol 9

doremifasolatido 8

“ashley leggat” 8

hanazakari no kimitachi sekime 8

tôma ikuta 8

do re mi fa so la ti do korean movie 7

baby mason korean 7

tomoki iryu 7

toma ıkuta 6

shotakun 6

ashley leggat michael seater 6

gay japanese actors 6

voice japanese drama 6

ashley legatt 6

ashley leggat pics 6

do re mi fa so la ti do 6

ashley leggat y michael seater 6

jang geun seuk 5

shota matsuda 5

japanese actor 5

eun gyu 5

michael seater ashley leggat 5

rihito sama 4

“ikuta toma” 4

hanazakari 4

cha ye-ryeon 4

michael seater e ashley leggat 4

I was shocked to know that my post about Life with Derek made the most views and that this is supposedly an Asian Entertainment Blog. Weehooo.  😀 😀 At least there’s no weird searches that linked to my blog even though that hell of a keyword doesn’t exist in my blog. XD


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