rihito-sama ftw!

a semi-summary. a semi-review. a semi-filled of screencaps post. 😀 mei-chan episode 5.

more under the cut since this will be slightly image-heavy. 🙂 doing the summary thing while waiting for my upload in photobucket to finish. XD this post contains spoilers and finally, caps of rihito-sama. i won’t hide anything now. :p i guessed i’m not that selfish. :p

this episode is a miruku arc. the story for the episode basically centers around miruku and daimon, which by the way, touched my heart. aaaawww.

So this devil from hell Lucia-sama decided to join Mei’s class. And let us not forget her butler who would do anything for her (SHINOBU-SAMA!~)


shocked mei. and more than shocked rihito.PhotobucketPhotobucket

revealing that mei is a possible successor to the hailed Hongo family.

it’s kato keisuke at the background!


rihito being irritated.

everyone makes a fuss of lucia-sama as if she were some goddess and i think they believe that she’s a goddess. heehee. XD lucia tried to walk towards mei and rihito and you know she’s a weakling so she “fell” and rihito caught her. mei’s eyes looked jealous. i would feel jealous too if i’m mei. rawr. that lucia-sama totally irks me.

the sole (another irksome quartet) said that there will be a test in a week’s time . izumi protested because she knows mei will not be able to pass this exam but as usual, the four straight-haired gals won.

lucia-sama has a brigade of girls on her back. she asked mei if she wanted to eat with her. and mei said she’ll just eat at the cafeteria. while eating, miruku-chan came with daimon. mei asked what happened and daimon told her that miruku didn’t respect lucia-sama and didn’t accept her offer about eating lunch together. she said she hate people who use their butlers to entrap others.

meanwhile, mameshiba is in a faraway land in the school and aoyama finds him. he told mameshiba that they’ll go to the dorm. mameshiba acts strangely so aoyama is puzzled. (actually, this scene is not that important but as you can see, or read, aoyama is here so i shall provide screencaps!)


izumi became angry and gave mei lots of books and forced her to study really hard.Photobucket

kiba telling mei about the test.


angry izumi forcing her to study. i really like her. she cares about mei.

rihito talked to the rose-sama and asked why did she let lucia-sama go to the same class with mei-sama. he said that he explained the complications during admission. i’m too lazy to discuss this further. heehee.

it’s just that there’s trouble. certain agents are trying to get miruku-chan. blahblahblah. i don’t want to talk about this anymore since i’m sleepy. heehee. 🙂 there are available summaries out there. although i like this arc in the story, i certainly didn’t capped it so i’ll just include the story behind the caps i took.


rihito-sama helping mei-sama with schoolwork.

miruku, mei and mameshiba went to natsumi’s house (mei’s bestfriend). there miruku made a sunglasses that show rihito for natsumi’s sister who’s obsessed with him.


blahblahblah. many things happened. and the most important of all, the hug of the century. actually it’s not. but i made a lot of caps. 🙂



mameshiba comes. but the hug is done. rihito saying sorry, both shocked at what have happened.


still not moving.


he just hugged her. that’s all.


i just want to cap this. since it’s aoyama. aoyama told mame not to yawn but he himself is yawning. hypocrite. XD but i still love you aoyama! 😡

that’s why i place this under the cut. i don’t want to slow down your computer. 🙂 just take the caps if you want them, no need to credit. just drop a comment. 😀 looking forward to the next episodes! still downloading. ja! XD


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