mei-chan pwns!

this is sort of an impression but i’ve already watched the first three episodes so i can’t say this is a first impression.

mei-chan no shitsuji is insanely good!

i downloaded the raw file for episode 1 and 2. i waited for so long for the torrent to finish. but when i started watching it, VLC player won’t display the sofsubs. but when i play it in media player classic, it has subs but the video is inverted. i was so irritated so i didn’t try watching it for some time. i asked my classmate to download episode 3 for me (hardsubs) while my episode 1 and 2 raw weren’t done yet. and when he gave it to me, i watched it. so i watched episode 3 first. hahahahahaha! i guess i still understand the story since i read episode 1 and ep 2 summaries and saw caps. and this week, i managed to make the raw file work (FINALLY!) and i was able to watch the first 2 episodes with the softsubs. it was great! i felt giddy and c;ldsgnpweoihtpewjfpon while watching it. endorphins are running in my veins when aoyama (played by mayama akihiro) is shown. and who am i to forget, the almighty rihito-sama (played by mizushima hiro) and mei-sama (played by eikura nana, who BTW, is really pretty imo). i just go KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ everytime i see them. woohooo!

and now, i am waiting for the episode 4 to finish downloading but i think it will take a long time for it to finish. i asked my other classmate to download ep5 for me since their internet connection are waaaaaaaaaaay better than mine. and after 2 hours, episode 5 was done. holy omg, i mean i wait for weeks for mine to download and it only takes him 2hours. he asked me what’s the drama is all about and he tried watching it but he stopped. he said they’re freaking creepy. i know right, shinobu-sama (played by my mukai osamu) is really freaky with his white anime hair. but he looks good with it so no problem. yeah! after i realized that i might be watching episode 5 first before episode 4, i am now succumbing to streaming sites with crappy quality. can’t believe i was able to stand them before.

some caps from ep 1 and 2.or ep1 only? can’t remember. and it’s just the start since i don’t want to cap while watching.  my oh-so-few caps for ep3 are in my roommate’s laptop. in the dorm. 😀

kato keisuke with the chubby girl. eyecandy radar sensing something!

rika-sama + AOYAMA!

rika-sama and AOYAMA again. (grin)

and again. XD

kato keisuke AGAIN.

THE s-rank butler!

yuki jutta as kiba! such a cutie!

me loves this show. full of eyecandy! and butlers! XD

no caps of rihito-sama (mizushima hiro) and shinobu-sama (mukai osamu) ’cause their mine! hahahahahahaha!


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