At last, I have the time to post here in my wordpress blog. Not that my hiatus is finished, I’m still on hiatus. But my schedule sort of cleared up a little so I was able to post. And, all of my roommates are in their respective group overnights to finish some requirements. Our group is in the video editing stage and my lovable co-Korean fanatic will edit it for us so I don’t have to think about that. Today was the last day of our periodical tests and this was my last periodical test as a highschooler. In just a few months I’ll be in college. I don’t know whether I’m happy or not. And the Calculus that I failed for the past three quarters, I passed it already and so I am rejoicing. I have still many requirements to do and it is now 9PM in Manila. I have a news article to pass and I haven’t thought of what to write. But here I am, posting in this blog. How I wish I could easily make a good article. So, my point is, HIATUS IS STILL ONGOING BUT I MIGHT POST SOMETIMES since my schedule is gradually clearing up. 🙂

I was planning to make the First Impression post about the dramas but I think this post will be long enough already. So, I’m cutting it here. If laziness will not attack me later, I might post. XD

My classmates already know about the Dragonball Live Action Film and we agreed to watch it when it comes out. I want to watch it. Hohoho.

Downloading Honey and Clover. I already downloaded it before. I download before watching it in VeohTV (there’s still VeohTV at that time). But my Daddy erased all files and so Goodbye Honey and Clover. Lately, I realized that I really need copies of the drama that I watch. It always happens that sometimes I want to rewatch some parts. But then, it would be too gruesome to load it in streaming sites. So, why not have a copy? I only realized this lately and I regret watching dramas without having the video file itself. Well, maybe except for the ones that I didn’t really like. Will download Bloody Monday next. Haven’t watched it. I think it’s time for some Miura Haruma eyecandy. Oh, I haven’t finished Maou. Rawr. Will do that soon.

EDIT (March 27): I was really irritated because when I tried surfing Veoh to download Bloody Monday last last week, I can’t find it. Apparently, the videos are removed and if I don’t want to download it via torrent since it’s very slow, I need to DDL it. But I made a contract (WAHUUT?!) with my co-fangirl classmate who has a DSL connection waaaaaay better than mine to download it for me. We’ll both benefit because she wants to watch it too due to my insistent recommendation.  But whil waiting for her to download, I am currently succumbing to Youtube. XD

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