Voice – First Impression

I was planning to do this post before I watch Episode 2. But I was so bored awhile ago that I watched Episode 2 already. So, there.

Voice was quite different from what I expected, but it’s okay as long as there is Eita and Toma in it. XD

As I think that every fangirl or every person interested in this has read its synopsis, I won’t place any synopsis.

I think it is quite obvious why I’m watching this. Aside from Toma being in here, this is Eita’s first major role. As in MAJOR role so I can’t just let it pass. (I haven’t finished the dramas of the last season and here I am watching another drama. Hahaha.) And so, I am watching it.

I said that it is different. It is different because I thought that it would be that “cool” forensics drama like CSI. I love forensics (but not that into it). I think forensics is so coooool. CSI made forensics so cool. But it is different with Voice. It doesn’t have the mystery/suspense feel. If usual forensics drama usually deals with the suspect and his story in life, Voice focuses on the victim or the one who died. Why and how did he died? What was he planning to do before he died and questions like that. It shows how the group or Eita (Kaji Daiki) investigates and solves and hears the voice of the dead.

The five characters have great chemistry. And I feel endorphins activating (meaning I’m happy) everytime Kaji Daiki (Eita) teases Aki-chan (Ishihara Satomi). They look so good together. :DD I so like it. It’s also really funny how Hanei-san bullies Teppei.

I feel that my impression is really lame unlike others already available. 😦 😐 So now, I’m too lazy to finish or make this impression thingie because I feel that I can’t make it. Maybe I’ll try finishing this later. Maybe. I’m already sleepy. Hohoho. And I have LOTS of things to do. So ja!

EDIT. Some caps. 🙂


hanei-san! the gangstah-turned-forensics-student. XDPhotobucket

teppei. always bullied by hanei. got into forensics due to his liking to CSI. always broke since he buys a lot of figures and collector’s item. XDPhotobucket

aki-chan. the smartest. will take up neurology but chose forensics instead due to her mother. kaji daiki’s love interest. 😡Photobucket

ryosuke. :x:x:x as usual, toma as the bestfriend. he needs more screentime! Photobucket

eita as kaji daiki. 😡


kaji again. 😀

hanei-san faints during the autopsy. this is really funny since he’s the one who doesn’t look like fainting at all. XD

smelling aki’s hair. 😡

updated on match 9, 2009. 😀 got home so i was able to do this. 🙂 i capped this myself. no need to credit if taking. just drop a comment. XD


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