just some updates. :)

I’m currently watching Densha Otoko. I picked up from where I stopped the last time I watched it which was like, last year. XDD Currently on Episode 4 and well, I feel sleepy so will continue it later. Just dropped by to post. 😀

It will be my batch’s Baccalaureate Mass tomorrow and on the day after tomorrow, it will be my HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION! 😀 And the day after my graduation will be our Grad Ball. XD So maybe I can’t post something again. But if you think that I’ll be free after the Grad Ball, nu-uh, you’re wrong. I will be coming to school to finish my clearance. I still have lots of things to return and to do to be able to be cleared. So, fangirling and watching dramas will be postponed until I finish everything. And I’ll be in Singapore from April 19 to April 25 for a vacation. Yeah!

I really need to start my downloads soon. I haven’t finished downloading Voice Ep 6 while the raw for Ep 11 was already out. Aaaaacck. Anyway, ja mata!

Top Searches

So I was curious on what search keywords would lead to my almost dead blog. And here are the top searches and the views it garnered. 😀 Continue reading →

My Drama Gameplan

I always find myself at loss for dramas to watch. It’s not that I don’t have anything to watch. On the contary, my list is ever growing. It’s just that if I don’t feel it, I won’t watch it right now. But I realized I must do better. I waste time thinking of what to watch. I tried watching dramas by the characters in it. I mean, all dramas of Toma first, then all Yamapi dramas. But it’s not good enough for me. Maybe I’ll try watching it alphabetically instead! Sites such as Mysoju has dramas and movies in alphabetical order. I guess I’ll do it like that. 😀 I will not watch dramas that I’m not interested in. I realized that I though that I had watched alot of dramas but on second thought, it’s just that I have a lot of pending dramas. But in reality, I just finished a few dramas. Wish me luck!

On other matters, I really need an external HD.

JDrama Review: Mei-chan no Shitsuji


Mei-chan no Shitsuji was a hella fun watch! At first, I thought it would be some sappy drama and my only reason for watching it is Mizushima Hiro and the other ikemen butlers. But as I wait for the next episode release, the hype of watching each and every episode is getting higher and higher. i was VERY WRONG to think that it will be like other dramas. This drama touches my love-story-sucker heart so much. And the love for the characters even made me wait for each episode and download it immediately. I resolve to only watch TimeLesSub releases since I like their subs. But my friends had already finished it so I can’t stand it anymore. I end up succumbing to streaming sites.

Starting from Episode 1, there was no dull moment in each episode. And as many people say, Episode 10 was the best episode ever. 😡 😡

Character development was really good. And I really like Mameshiba’s character. If everyone would be like him then the world will be a much better place. (WAHUUUT? XD)

I can’t really make a good review for it even though I have an unending praises for this drama. Just watch it and you will not regret. XD

And the OST, ftw! It was really cool. Aitakute aitakute. Hoshi no kazu no yoru no koete. Itsumademo itsumademo. Kimi no kitto boku no hikari.

And I need an SP. I seriously need one. I’ll miss the whole Mei-chan no Shitsuji cast for sure. XC

rihito-sama ftw!

a semi-summary. a semi-review. a semi-filled of screencaps post. 😀 mei-chan episode 5.

more under the cut since this will be slightly image-heavy. 🙂 doing the summary thing while waiting for my upload in photobucket to finish. XD this post contains spoilers and finally, caps of rihito-sama. i won’t hide anything now. :p i guessed i’m not that selfish. :p

this episode is a miruku arc. the story for the episode basically centers around miruku and daimon, which by the way, touched my heart. aaaawww.

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Half Moon Investigations

it was hella cool! it was hilarious and really exciting! i want to watch the 13-part series. love to see them on action. yihee for my dear red sharkey. and fletcher too! need to sleep, parents are nudging me already. so will edit this soon!

mei-chan pwns!

this is sort of an impression but i’ve already watched the first three episodes so i can’t say this is a first impression.

mei-chan no shitsuji is insanely good!

i downloaded the raw file for episode 1 and 2. i waited for so long for the torrent to finish. but when i started watching it, VLC player won’t display the sofsubs. but when i play it in media player classic, it has subs but the video is inverted. i was so irritated so i didn’t try watching it for some time. i asked my classmate to download episode 3 for me (hardsubs) while my episode 1 and 2 raw weren’t done yet. and when he gave it to me, i watched it. so i watched episode 3 first. hahahahahaha! i guess i still understand the story since i read episode 1 and ep 2 summaries and saw caps. and this week, i managed to make the raw file work (FINALLY!) and i was able to watch the first 2 episodes with the softsubs. it was great! i felt giddy and c;ldsgnpweoihtpewjfpon while watching it. endorphins are running in my veins when aoyama (played by mayama akihiro) is shown. and who am i to forget, the almighty rihito-sama (played by mizushima hiro) and mei-sama (played by eikura nana, who BTW, is really pretty imo). i just go KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ everytime i see them. woohooo!

and now, i am waiting for the episode 4 to finish downloading but i think it will take a long time for it to finish. i asked my other classmate to download ep5 for me since their internet connection are waaaaaaaaaaay better than mine. and after 2 hours, episode 5 was done. holy omg, i mean i wait for weeks for mine to download and it only takes him 2hours. he asked me what’s the drama is all about and he tried watching it but he stopped. he said they’re freaking creepy. i know right, shinobu-sama (played by my mukai osamu) is really freaky with his white anime hair. but he looks good with it so no problem. yeah! after i realized that i might be watching episode 5 first before episode 4, i am now succumbing to streaming sites with crappy quality. can’t believe i was able to stand them before.

some caps from ep 1 and 2.or ep1 only? can’t remember. and it’s just the start since i don’t want to cap while watching.  my oh-so-few caps for ep3 are in my roommate’s laptop. in the dorm. 😀 Continue reading →

Voice – First Impression

I was planning to do this post before I watch Episode 2. But I was so bored awhile ago that I watched Episode 2 already. So, there.

Voice was quite different from what I expected, but it’s okay as long as there is Eita and Toma in it. XD

As I think that every fangirl or every person interested in this has read its synopsis, I won’t place any synopsis.

I think it is quite obvious why I’m watching this. Aside from Toma being in here, this is Eita’s first major role. As in MAJOR role so I can’t just let it pass. (I haven’t finished the dramas of the last season and here I am watching another drama. Hahaha.) And so, I am watching it. Continue reading →


At last, I have the time to post here in my wordpress blog. Not that my hiatus is finished, I’m still on hiatus. But my schedule sort of cleared up a little so I was able to post. And, all of my roommates are in their respective group overnights to finish some requirements. Our group is in the video editing stage and my lovable co-Korean fanatic will edit it for us so I don’t have to think about that. Today was the last day of our periodical tests and this was my last periodical test as a highschooler. In just a few months I’ll be in college. I don’t know whether I’m happy or not. And the Calculus that I failed for the past three quarters, I passed it already and so I am rejoicing. I have still many requirements to do and it is now 9PM in Manila. I have a news article to pass and I haven’t thought of what to write. But here I am, posting in this blog. How I wish I could easily make a good article. So, my point is, HIATUS IS STILL ONGOING BUT I MIGHT POST SOMETIMES since my schedule is gradually clearing up. 🙂

I was planning to make the First Impression post about the dramas but I think this post will be long enough already. So, I’m cutting it here. If laziness will not attack me later, I might post. XD

My classmates already know about the Dragonball Live Action Film and we agreed to watch it when it comes out. I want to watch it. Hohoho.

Downloading Honey and Clover. I already downloaded it before. I download before watching it in VeohTV (there’s still VeohTV at that time). But my Daddy erased all files and so Goodbye Honey and Clover. Lately, I realized that I really need copies of the drama that I watch. It always happens that sometimes I want to rewatch some parts. But then, it would be too gruesome to load it in streaming sites. So, why not have a copy? I only realized this lately and I regret watching dramas without having the video file itself. Well, maybe except for the ones that I didn’t really like. Will download Bloody Monday next. Haven’t watched it. I think it’s time for some Miura Haruma eyecandy. Oh, I haven’t finished Maou. Rawr. Will do that soon.

EDIT (March 27): I was really irritated because when I tried surfing Veoh to download Bloody Monday last last week, I can’t find it. Apparently, the videos are removed and if I don’t want to download it via torrent since it’s very slow, I need to DDL it. But I made a contract (WAHUUT?!) with my co-fangirl classmate who has a DSL connection waaaaaay better than mine to download it for me. We’ll both benefit because she wants to watch it too due to my insistent recommendation.  But whil waiting for her to download, I am currently succumbing to Youtube. XD