thanks for bearing with me.

just hang in there a little more. school will be done in a month or so. and my high school days will end there. oh well. welcome college.

but i’ll keep on managing comments. so happy there are some comments. XD

hiatus extended until my schedule clears up

i am really sorry for not posting anything in months. i have no free time and even if i have, i prefer sleeping instead of fangirling instead. it’s just that i’ve been so stressed and sleepless these two months. i am the leader and so i attend to lots of matter. please bear with me. when i find some time, i promise to post alot of significant fangirl matters. 🙂 been replying to comments though. that’s all i can do as of now. please wait for my comeback. 🙂


i’m here to say that i can’t post something for some time. it’s just that, i’m too busy with school. i have no free time to post some reviews. and honestly, i haven’t watched a drama this month. ohwell.