We finished watching Thank You just awhile ago. It was very funny because even my dad watched with us. He just sat with us the whole time and watched the drama even though he wasn’t able to watch the beginning. For me this is a big deal since not so many guys like watching dramas and all that. But here’s my father jamming with us. Woohoo! 😀

And then, I shall post a proper review sometime. It’s really late now and I think I should get some sleep. If not for that Drake and Josh download I am already sleeping. And plurk. Plurk is so addicting. 😀 Anyway, my vacation is about to end so do not expect reviews coming. Graduation is so near and so I need to straighten myself up so that I can be in the honor list. Need to pass that darn Calculus, though. I was about to blog about something but I a forgot it. What is it again? Ack, too much thoughts make my mind wander aimlessly like a mad soul. Haven’t watched a single episode of Anego. Will watch it maybe at the dorm since it’s available at crunchyroll.

Will post proper reviews for several dramas if I’ve got time, energy and the drive to even make one. I completed lots of dramas way way before but I shall meditate (waaahaaat?) if I’ll make some for them. Then, I’m off for now! Ja!

[EDIT after 3 months. March 8, 2009]

I know I promised a review but I think I can’t do it anymore. Three months have passed and it would take a lot of effort to remember the details of the drama especially it’s a kdrama so it’s longer than usual jdramas. Sorry.

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