just don’t read this

err. this is just a rant about my daily life. i think this blog is on the verge of becoming a rant blog. i mean, most of my posts are about my daily life and not about dramas or asian entertainment in general. aaa, i hate myself.

so, as i was casually browsing the net, i accidentally read something that i never wanted to read. that is what happened to toma in maou. i mean, i didn’t know it. but now, i already know. huhuhuhu. i feel sad. xc

my DVD copy of anna-san no omame is broken. errr, i’m on episode 8. just 2 more episodes and i’m done but i think the dvd is just telling me that i need to finish my homeworks first before i indulge in my fandoms. hahahahaha.

that’s all. i feel sleepy from all this depression. currently watching thank you [kdrama] with my mom. although she slept already and so we stopped watching.

i watched seung ri’s music video around 3am. i was awake the whole time because i’m waiting for my drake and josh episode download to finish. and i was chatting with my former teacher last night. i miss him so much. i haven’t seen him in a year. back to seung ri’s mv, the song is entitled strong baby. and i can’t contain myself while watching it. i feel that i’ll explode anytime. as if i’m a radioactive atom. OMG, i didn’t know that seung ri has such great abs. i thought he was like G-Dragon. i mean, he is more macho than GD and GD is much much thinner than him but i didn’t know that deep inside, he has great abs. omg, and the pecs too! fangirl flail!

i don’t want to rant about seung ri’s abs anymore so i shall say good bye. tit tat for now!

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