Woah. I haven’t posted in a while. This week was really terrible. Homeworks, seatworks, tests and projects. And mind you, all my projects were due last Friday. Roar to all my teachers. 😀

Anyway, I haven’t finished a drama recently since school is so busy especially that I’m graduating. So I have no reviews for you. XC Will make time to watch dramas and make reviews for them.

I only want to say that I really like SHINee now. I tried 2PM and I don’t like them. At least for now. But I really love SHINee noooow. At first I only like Taemin but now I like them all. And their dances! They’re so cool! They sing while dancing. And their dance steps are really hard. They’re so goooood! It’s just that I don’t really like ballads. I mean ballads in other language. Since I really don’t understand them unless I look up for the translation, I’m more into danceable tunes. 🙂 And their fashion or costumes, uhm, how can I say it, not that great. But I think that’s because I’ve seen so much of Big Bang and their style so I think that Big Bang owns the fashion style. Big Bang is VIP!

So, I’ll stop here. 😀


We finished watching Thank You just awhile ago. It was very funny because even my dad watched with us. He just sat with us the whole time and watched the drama even though he wasn’t able to watch the beginning. For me this is a big deal since not so many guys like watching dramas and all that. But here’s my father jamming with us. Woohoo! 😀

And then, I shall post a proper review sometime. It’s really late now and I think I should get some sleep. If not for that Drake and Josh download I am already sleeping. And plurk. Plurk is so addicting. 😀 Anyway, my vacation is about to end so do not expect reviews coming. Graduation is so near and so I need to straighten myself up so that I can be in the honor list. Need to pass that darn Calculus, though. I was about to blog about something but I a forgot it. What is it again? Ack, too much thoughts make my mind wander aimlessly like a mad soul. Haven’t watched a single episode of Anego. Will watch it maybe at the dorm since it’s available at crunchyroll.

Will post proper reviews for several dramas if I’ve got time, energy and the drive to even make one. I completed lots of dramas way way before but I shall meditate (waaahaaat?) if I’ll make some for them. Then, I’m off for now! Ja!

[EDIT after 3 months. March 8, 2009]

I know I promised a review but I think I can’t do it anymore. Three months have passed and it would take a lot of effort to remember the details of the drama especially it’s a kdrama so it’s longer than usual jdramas. Sorry.

just don’t read this

err. this is just a rant about my daily life. i think this blog is on the verge of becoming a rant blog. i mean, most of my posts are about my daily life and not about dramas or asian entertainment in general. aaa, i hate myself.

so, as i was casually browsing the net, i accidentally read something that i never wanted to read. that is what happened to toma in maou. i mean, i didn’t know it. but now, i already know. huhuhuhu. i feel sad. xc

my DVD copy of anna-san no omame is broken. errr, i’m on episode 8. just 2 more episodes and i’m done but i think the dvd is just telling me that i need to finish my homeworks first before i indulge in my fandoms. hahahahaha.

that’s all. i feel sleepy from all this depression. currently watching thank you [kdrama] with my mom. although she slept already and so we stopped watching.

i watched seung ri’s music video around 3am. i was awake the whole time because i’m waiting for my drake and josh episode download to finish. and i was chatting with my former teacher last night. i miss him so much. i haven’t seen him in a year. back to seung ri’s mv, the song is entitled strong baby. and i can’t contain myself while watching it. i feel that i’ll explode anytime. as if i’m a radioactive atom. OMG, i didn’t know that seung ri has such great abs. i thought he was like G-Dragon. i mean, he is more macho than GD and GD is much much thinner than him but i didn’t know that deep inside, he has great abs. omg, and the pecs too! fangirl flail!

i don’t want to rant about seung ri’s abs anymore so i shall say good bye. tit tat for now!


i’ve got nothing to blog about. err. but i want to blog now. i feel so bored and i’m not sleepy. oh no. but i have nothing to tell.


i hate this. why now? last night, i was watching sugar and spice, a japanese movie starring erika sawajiri and yuya yagira. i became interested in yuya yagira after i learned that he won best actor award at the cannes festival last 2004. and i waited for the video to load at crunchyroll. as i was watching part 2 out of 4, the electricity suddenly fluctuated and the computer died. oh no! so i was so pissed this new year’s eve. but i was pretty optimistic that i can finish it today. but when i visited crunchyroll, the videos are GONE. rawr. i wanna eat a person now. joke. ack. rawr. i’m at wits’ end. whew.