I discovered this band recently. I stumbled upon them in someone’s LJ and she said she can’t wait to have their singles. And so I became curious and I listened to some of their songs. And I became addicted to them immediately. I mean they are just plain awesome. Other songs are somewhat screamo but the vocalist’s voice is so calm that you’ll feel serenity while listening although it is a rock song that you’re listening to. Ack, that’s too complicated.

About the band. Uhm, I can’t find a good article about them. I think they are too underrated. I mean they’re good, REALLY GOOD. But it took me a lot of patience to search for sites where I can download their songs. I’m so sorry I can’t buy CDs, I’m just a highschool student. Anyway.

Just go here for links on where to download. XD

Crawl by Veltpunch

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