update galore. XD

i’m so sorry i haven’t posted anything lately. it’s not that i’m not an active fangirl or an active drama addict. i am watching dramas even though i am not posting something here. finished downloading delicious gakuin ep 5. i waited for it to finish downloading but i’m not contented with what i got for what i earned hard for. it was just 30 minutes! oh well.

on the otehr hand, i’m currently downloading previous episodes of delicious gakuin. i only watched it in streaming sites before but i want to have a copy. this is the only drama that i have the patience to donwload and to wait for the next episodes. i love AAA so much. and aiba hiroki. XD

uhm, finished watching boku to kanojo no xxx. started watching himitsu no hanazono. i miss kanata hongo already and so i’ll be watching his dramas in a while.


BTW, it’s seung ri’s birthday! happy birthday seung ri! you’re now legal! big bang is LOVE. 🙂 it’s already 12:22 AM by my watch so belated happy birthday. XD

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