koukou debut

i’m getting addicted to this manga. actually, i am addicted to this manga. it makes me feel GIDDY all over reading it. yoh-sama is such an eyecandy. although i’m a visual person and i prefer watching than reading, i really appreciated this manga. currently on chapter 10 i think. XD

my periodicals are next week and i haven’t finished reading les miserables by victor hugo. our english periodicals will be about that ONLY. GEEZ, i need to finish that book now! but here i am, procrastinating. i don’t wanna fail so byebye. šŸ™‚

i promised my blogger that i’ll update her tonight. but i’ve got no time since rna primers took my whole night away.

the picture btw is not an official pic. it’s a wallpaper. šŸ˜›

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