JDrama Review: Hotaru no Hikari

no screencaps since i only watched this at crunchyroll. and i dunno how to make screencaps. so, i finished this drama in like 5 days only. i know, i’m so slow but consider that i’m in school. i have tons of requirements to pass and each day is packed with quizzes and long tests. so it is a really big achievement for me to be able to finish a jdrama in a week. šŸ˜€ i’m waiting for boku dake no madonna to load and i will try watching it later. ici recommended it to me so im’ma watch it. heehee. šŸ™‚

so how was hotaru no hikari? i watched it because jaycee05 really liked this drama. this is her favorite drama and so i was curious about it. another factor was that fujiki naohito is part of the cast. i hate him in ProDai but i oh-so-love-him in 1LitreOfTears and so i wanna watch his dramas.

i started watching this with the expectation that it will be funny. and it was hella funny, dude. my roommates keep glancing at me whenever i laugh so loud because i look like some girl from the asylum. HAHAHAHAHA. :))

even though ahomiya overreacts sometimes, it is so fun watching her being an himono-onna. i’m really lazy to explain everything and so please just read the synopsis at d-addicts. :D:D buchoo was my favorite character. he is just the MAN. :)) i also like what yamada-neesan says. it’s really true. :D:D i just hate kato kazuki, who acted as teshima makoto. he’s not a good actor but ohwell. i thought futatsugi-san was gay. or is he really gay? anyway, tadokoro-kun is an eyecandy. teehee. šŸ˜›

i knooooow. this is not a review. this is a mere post about my reaction after watching it. ohwell face towel, i’m not really talented in making reviews but i really do know how to rant. bwahahahaha! and so, i declare that i will not provide reviews and summaries. i’ll just share my impression.

although many people praise this jdrama so much, it is still not my favorite drama of all. i actually don’t know what’s my favorite drama. hahahahaha! :D:D

i recommend this for all fujiki naohito fans and for those who wanna have a good time. a light-hearted drama. šŸ˜€

8/10. šŸ˜›

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