princess princess d

currently watching princess princess d. i’m trying out the first episode. and if i like it, i’ll finish it. each episode is like less than 30 minutes only so you can finish it in a short span of time. but the subtitles of the video i’m watching at crunchyroll is so small it makes may head ache. oh well, let’s see if fujita rey and the other casts (i don’t know who the heck they are) can make me finish this series.


EDIT: the video in crunchyroll is so blurry and it pixelates sometimes even though it is in h264 beta mode. waaaaaaaaa. anyway. the format of the series makes me dizzy. aaaccck. THE PEACE DANCE! yeahbeibeh!





i didn’t know that shinjirou was FUJITA REI. at first i thought that he was the ugliest of the three hime (princess). gaaah. i thought he’s skinny. he looks skinny to me in his d-addicts profile. aaaaaccck. i was fooled! i was tricked into liking him! on the other hand, i like kamari kentaaaaaa (miko-chan in princess princess d)!!! HE’S SUCH A CUTIE! 😀 eyecandy much! sato takeru (toru in hime hime d) was the first one that i noticed but he ‘s just cute at some angles. it took me a little while to appreciate miko-chan maybe because i don’t want to like anyone except fujita rei. but i love him now. i’m waiting for the villain, hanazono otoya played by nakamura yuichi. he looks OH-SO-GOOD in his wiki.d-addicts profile. 😀

i’ve already finished the first episode. it took me a while because i’m having loose bowels. HAHAHAHAHAHA! =)) proceeding to the 2nd episode! 😀

riku-kumako love. <3

ok so, riku is kanata hongo’s role in seigi no mikata and kumako is shida mirai. i started watching seigi no mikata and fell in love with it in an instant. but the love for the show was because of the riku-kumako moments. at first, i watched each single second the show has to offer. but as time passes by, the thing that has kept me watching this show is just kanata hongo and shida mirai. even mukai osamu cannot do anything.

they’re so cute together! and so i only watch parts with the riku-kumako moments in it. aaaacck. i’m so sorry. but i will finish this drama as soon as i can. kanata hongo is just plain awesome. although he is soooo skinny. okee. that’s all for now. 😀

tackey is LOVE

just wanna share. omg, takizawa hideaki is sooooooooooo handsome. aaafenbgfjbhwpoigfjneqmpogmn. i can’t breathe. *fangirl flail* watching boku dake no madonna. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey.tackey.tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey.tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey. tackey.


JDrama Review: Hotaru no Hikari

no screencaps since i only watched this at crunchyroll. and i dunno how to make screencaps. so, i finished this drama in like 5 days only. i know, i’m so slow but consider that i’m in school. i have tons of requirements to pass and each day is packed with quizzes and long tests. so it is a really big achievement for me to be able to finish a jdrama in a week. 😀 i’m waiting for boku dake no madonna to load and i will try watching it later. ici recommended it to me so im’ma watch it. heehee. 🙂

so how was hotaru no hikari? i watched it because jaycee05 really liked this drama. this is her favorite drama and so i was curious about it. another factor was that fujiki naohito is part of the cast. i hate him in ProDai but i oh-so-love-him in 1LitreOfTears and so i wanna watch his dramas.

i started watching this with the expectation that it will be funny. and it was hella funny, dude. my roommates keep glancing at me whenever i laugh so loud because i look like some girl from the asylum. HAHAHAHAHA. :))

even though ahomiya overreacts sometimes, it is so fun watching her being an himono-onna. i’m really lazy to explain everything and so please just read the synopsis at d-addicts. :D:D buchoo was my favorite character. he is just the MAN. :)) i also like what yamada-neesan says. it’s really true. :D:D i just hate kato kazuki, who acted as teshima makoto. he’s not a good actor but ohwell. i thought futatsugi-san was gay. or is he really gay? anyway, tadokoro-kun is an eyecandy. teehee. 😛

i knooooow. this is not a review. this is a mere post about my reaction after watching it. ohwell face towel, i’m not really talented in making reviews but i really do know how to rant. bwahahahaha! and so, i declare that i will not provide reviews and summaries. i’ll just share my impression.

although many people praise this jdrama so much, it is still not my favorite drama of all. i actually don’t know what’s my favorite drama. hahahahaha! :D:D

i recommend this for all fujiki naohito fans and for those who wanna have a good time. a light-hearted drama. 😀

8/10. 😛

RH Plus

After I finished watching 1 Liter of Tears Special Episode, I had this urge to watch another jdrama even though my break will end so soon. I asked a fellow fangirl at school to recommend some drama. She said she’s watching RH Plus at the moment. I checked its plot at d-addicts and found it interesting. Four male vampires living in a European manor solve cases that police can’t or don’t want to solve. Well, I thought it was pretty good and since the Twilight craze is still high, I decided to watch it. I read that its based from a shounen-ai manga and I actually didn’t know what it meant until I watched the first episode.

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JDrama Review: 14 Sai no Haha

Shida Mirai (Tantei Gakuen Q and recently, Seigi no Mikata) plays the role of Ichinose Miki, an average junior high student that got pregnant with Kirino Satoshi’s child (played by Miura Haruma from Gokusen 3, Bloody Monday and Binbo Danshi) at age 14. The drama tells the hardships a 14-year old mother will face.

That synopsis was purely made by me. You can check other sites for more details. Basically, Kiri-chan (Miura Haruma), Miki’s senpai at cram school and Miki is dating. Kiri-chan is just 15 years old while Miki is 14 years old. But then, you-already-know-what-they-did and Miki got pregnant. Everyone is against Miki giving birth at first, her family, friends, teachers and Kiri-chan himself. But Miki insisted that she wants to give birth and eventually gained her parents’ approval. Well, that’s just the first obstacle that she will encounter. I prefer not to give more details as some people do not like spoilers (but i do. :p).

Enough with the drama’s synopsis. I can’t give any screencaps because i just watched this in crunchyroll. And i don’t know how to make screencaps. So yeah. It wasn’t in my plan to watch this drama this soon since i read in jaycee05’s wordpress that she didn’t like this drama. So I postponed watching it even if Miura Haruma’s in it. But as I was watching 1 Liter of Tears with my roommate, I suddenly had the urge to watch some tearjerkers too. And I remembered Miura Haruma and Shida Mirai and immediately watched 14 Sai no Haha.

I’ve watched Seigi no Mikata and Tantei Gakuen Q and I can really say that Shida Mirai has potential. I’ve only watched some episodes of Gokusen 3 and the first episode of Binbo Danshi. I never knew then that it was Miura Haruma until I saw Koizora. Ohmy, he looks really different in each drama he’s acting in. And now I’m watching Bloody Monday and he looks different there too. Anyway, back to the topic (my mind’s flying somewhere), I cried while watching this. Not in every episode and not as much as I did while watching 1 Liter of Tears but I cried. Well, my tears are shallow but it just touches me everytime Miki and Kiri-chan have something to overcome.

Character building was good. I came to know Kiri-chan’s mother. Miki’s mother was a hero, really. There’s this newspaper guy but I think that out of all characters, his was not explored upon. I thought there’s a story as to why he’s acting so cold and all to Kiri-chan. Sorry for using Kiri-chan. I just call him Kiri-chan because Miki calls him Kiri-chan. Jimi the dog was cute too. Kenta, Miki’s brother was really cute too. And he made me cry. :((

Watch out for Uncle Mako’s (Miki’s Uncle) quotes. Or rather watch out for what he says because they’re inspiring and true.

At school, Miki has friends like Megu and this once-pregnant girl named Yanazigawa-san. And her teacher that is soooo supportive and concerned.

So this is my first time making a drama review and so it’s crappy. I promise to improve. 😀

That’s all. 😀

P.S. The theme song was really good. Forgot what the title is but just search for it. It’s sung by Mr. Children so no wonder it’s really good. Just hearing him sing “Darling, darling”, I could cry.

Overall Rating: B

Recommended but not a must-watch for me. Must-watch if you want some Haruma eye candy. 😀

next post will be a drama review. i promise.

i haven’t posted anything here in years. but last night, i had this urge to post drama or episode review. i was searching for drama reviews lately and i found almost nothing. so i decided that i should make reviews myself. and so, i will. :DDD

but it will be in the next post. this is just an update. 😀 my birthday last november 3 (BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) was so successful. i ordered 3 spaghetti party pans and 1 baked macaroni party pan from greenwich. it was so delicious. my friends surprised me with this really big card or shall i call it board full of greetings from my friends, acquaintances and even teachers. baj also made some tiramisu and blew balloons for the celebration. it was so happy! this is my first and last birthday celebration since i’ll be a college student soon. WAAAAAAH! =(( first celebration because there has been no classes ever since during my birthday. :DD

i really want to post drama reviews or episode summaries but i’m sooooo busy even though i’m on a 3-day school break. hahahahaha! watching too many dramas and reading HRA (home reading assignments). GAAAH. i need to rest. :p