Michael Seater



michael seater with ashley leggat :X:X:X


i had this urge to delete this blog. i just felt that i don’t wanna maintain an account that i barely update. but then i thought that if i delete this blog, i would have make another one again in the future. so i decided not to erase this. i’ll just update it when i feel like updating it.

i am on the peak of my MICHAEL SEATER fandom. it all started when i was bloghopping and i read this post of my dear classmate about her michael seater addiction. i got interested and checked out life with derek, which she religiously watches every night. as i was watching LWD in youtube, i actually liked it and now i am a michael seater fan.

he surely doesn’t look like a 21-year old. but he’s actually 21. waaaw. ilovelifewithderekespeciallymichaelseaterisinit. :)) i am actually addicted. the sitcom started in 2005 so i have a lot of episodes to marathon. but i am thankful that it’s shown once a week. a total of 58 episodes up to now. currently airing season 4. :))

so here’s a picture of him being derek with ashley leggat as casey with him. they look soooooo good together. i wish they’re together but na-ah, the story is a about a stepbrother-stepsister relationship. and they’re bestfriends in real life. how i wish. 😐

ohwell. 🙂 next to marathon is drake and josh since i really miss them so much. and naturally, sadie since i miss rain padakis too. :p