random update. XD

i haven’t posted anything for ages. been busy updating my “real” blog. although no one is actually reading my real-life blog, i like updating it since i really need to express myself. i mean i’m not writing for the readers right? i’m writing for myself. so yeah.

i think i’m going to erase this blog soon. it’s really hard updating too many blogs. so i might as well remove this. i’m in my fangirl mood now since i watched that mirotic video of dbsk. i think i’m being converted. hahahaha. :)) let’s see if i’ll be a dbsk fangirl.

been busy with school lately. actually, i’m always busy since i’m studying in a nerd camp. NOT KIDDING. we’re supposedly the top 240 students here in the Philippines/Manila/Luzon since there are many campuses. studying derivatives during fourth year is not normal in the normal curriculum of high schools in the philippines. gaaaawd, how hard it is.

IT’S 4AM and i have a lot of things to study for. sleeped first before studying. ahhahaha. :))