i decided to introduce first my loves although i think that no one actually reads this blog. oh well. someday, someone will read this blog. okay, so i introduced toma and mukai already. now i want to present my other loves. i’ll just stop ranting about them when i feel bored already. but my list will never end, okay?

masaki okada. ❤ he starred in hanazakari no kimitachi e japanese version as sekime. :))


aylavhim. :X

okay, next is. uhm, i can’t think. matsuda shota. as soujiroh in HYD and akiyama-san in LIAR GAME. i have to watch him in his other dramas. i just love his “astroboy” hairstyle in HYD 1. too bad they made him look like ken of meteor garden in HYD 2. :((

but i’m sorry to say that i am feeling lazy today and i can’t finish this post. *actually, i am just lazy to find some pictures of shota from my 100MB++ collection of pictures. i knoooooow, it’s not that much but i collected it for around 2 years already. and i can say i am proud of my collection. i don’t know much bishies and so that collection is just composed of my major loves. anyway, i think it’s just masaki okada for today, ne?

tasukete! help! i’m finding it hard to write using english. i’m from the Philippines and i must say that i am more well-versed in using Filipino than english. so gomenne if ever there are grammatically wrong statements. i’m not ang english teacher, youknow. :)) so please bear with my bad english. 😐 i hope you can understand. :))

i’m just writing my posts here in english so that anyone or at least more people can understand my posts. who will be able to understand my posts if they are all in filipino? just filipinos will understand it and i don’t want that to happen. i want my blog to be open for everyone.

so instead of introducing my loves, i ended up ranting and rambling. i’m sorry. that’s all for today, till next time! 😀


  1. who said no one reads >_>???? I read it… the eye candy section is awesome ^__^..hahahahahaha.. and I am biased to Koreans..hehehehehe…



    1. Aaaaaawww, thank you so much for the reassurance! Yeap, I was quite greedy when I first started this blog and I wanted tons of views. But I know now that quality posts are those that matter. Thank you for reading and dropping a comment! It brightens up any day. 😀



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