mukai osamu


mukai with a girl 😦

as i had admitted in my first post that i am also a fan of many asian idols, not only toma-kun. and now i’m introducing MUKAI OSAMU. he’s such a cute guy and i love it when he acts. although the first time i saw him act, he’s just a beginner, i find him lovable and adorably cute. some dramas that he starred in are honey and clover as mayama. and he did a great job there but i don’t like his character because he chose rika-san over ayumi-chan. must be hard for ayumi-chan. :(( he also starred in bambino as a chef, the cute chef that acts like a kid. HAHAHAHAHA. :)) he’s so adorably cute there i just want to poke his cheeks! :)) he also starred in nodame cantabile live action from episode 7 up until to the special episodes. he’s so cute there too. his role there is of a cellist who’s a playboy. i’m planning to watch more of his acting skills sometime but school just stresses me out and i can’t watch always. :(( buhuhuhuuhuu for me. for others that cannot relate to my post and mukai’s greatness, i shall include some pictures. :)) hope you enjoy meeting him. HAHAHAHAHA. :))

mukai with a baka stamp

mukai with a baka stamp


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