first post. weeeeeh. <:-P

ok, so there. i’m new here in wordpress. and this blog is dedicated to fangirls like me! i just adore those girls who post everything for their co-fangirls. i think it’s plain obvious that i heart toma-kun more than anyone else. so yeah, there. but i also love other asian drama/celebrities, mostly japanese ones. but i do watch and love korean and taiwanese dramas too. 🙂 so most posts here will be just picspams or news or whatsoever regarding my loves. 🙂 i hope i can update this frequently. 🙂

here’s a HAWWWWT picture of toma. whenever i see this pic, i go kfnsbhgsghfiowenqflnweftghweispfj. and i faint. but i will find myself waking up just for the sake of staring at it again. and fainting again. and the cycle goes on. heehee. :))


toma-kun at his finest

toma-kun at his finest



    1. thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

      uhm, i think it’s from a photoshoot for a musical? i think. sorry if that didn’t helped you. xc



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